lundi 19 janvier 2009

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we used to be 2. Now we're 4.
Exit the drum machine, enter a real drum kit, with a human machine behind it, a keyboard player from outer space, a barely singing bass player and a manic guitar player.create animated gif
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 Here are all the tracks we've recorded as a duo
 1st TAPE (full beans tape 02) sold out
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2nd TAPE (chipitos records 01) sold out
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FLOPPY DISK (self released) sold out
(j'voudrais etre) GG ALLIN (rough version)create animated gif 
SEVEN INCH on LeatherBar records available
PANIQUE DEVANT L'ECRAN create animated gif

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We plan to tour in March with this line up
Hook us up if you feel like helping us in any way

Here is our "perfect plan" of tour :
Friday 1st : Switzerland (Basel, Geneva) / Freiburg im breisgau (Germany)
Sat 2nd : Nurnberg
Sun 3rd : west of Germany, on the way to Aachen
Mon 4th : Aachen (Germany) / Liege (Belgium)
Tues 5th : Aachen (Germany) / Liege (Belgium)
Wed 6th : Brussels / Lille (France) / Kortrijk (Belgium)
Thu 7th : Brussels / Lille (France) / Kortrijk (Belgium)
Fri 8th : Besancon / Nevers / Clermont (France)
Sat 9th : Lyon